Get the Most of Your Association Management Software

by Martin Nikleva
on January 31, 2018

In the world of cloud computing, the possibilities for efficiency sometimes seem endless and web-based apps like Association Management Software (AMS) are evolving faster than ever.

Need to jump on a voice/video call with a teammate halfway around the world? No problem. With applications like Slack, it’s only a click away.

But there’s a catch.

Without the proper implementation and will to use these tools effectively, your efforts can fall short. Setting up and choosing Association Management Software is no different.

Here at SilkStart, we help associations migrate their existing data onto our cloud-based software.

This is no small feat.

SilkStart becomes your association’s hub that houses your member database, event registrations, donations, financial records, email, reports and more. If it’s implemented correctly, it becomes a powerful tool that consolidates the core tasks required to run an association while providing a modern “built-for-associations” website that visitors can interact with and use to manage their memberships.

Believe me, associations can see powerful returns when using an AMS.

Using all of these tools together can kickstart your association, free up your administrators to focus their efforts elsewhere in the association, and bring in new streams of revenue. Implement and master these tools correctly and I guarantee you can make your AMS work to delight both you and your members.

We’re here to help.

Our team strives to write content to help you with every process of using your AMS. Over the past couple of years, these are my favourite posts we’ve written to help you and your team approach your new AMS in the right way.

Get Friendly with your Data: Data integrity has to be the bedrock of your association. Migrating to a new AMS is your time to present your data in its best form. So remove the duplicates, purge old contacts, and let your member data be the driving force behind your association.

Transitioning your Association from offline to online: Never used an AMS before? Learn what to expect when making this transition and how you can prepare for it.

How to engage your members online: So you’ve got an AMS. Now what? Use these tips to engage with your members and see them reward you with their loyalty to your association.

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